Empowering high-impact founders

We partner with pioneers that leverage software and mobile platforms to serve MENA’s growing markets. We focus on companies operating in one or more countries, yet aspiring to expand across the region and, in some cases, beyond.

We choose client opportunities carefully. We partner with entrepreneurs that already deliver high-impact products and services, and we look for situations where capital, expertise and attention can make a meaningful difference.

We provide a world-class tool kit and a network of dedicated advisers enabling founders and their teams to take the next steps in pursuit of funding and capital-efficient growth.

We focus on processes critical to acceleration — raising capital, boosting revenue and reaching more customers. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with founders, we help them meet goals quickly and secure capital as milestones are met. At South Point, we’re always seeking new and better ways to advance founders.


Aspire Park, Doha image courtesy of Harry J under a Creative Commons license.