Inquiry-based Coaching

One of our cornerstone strengths is how we work with founders facing novel challenges at every stage of development. We’ve honed our unique 3-point coaching process by working closely with founders and key team members across the tech spectrum as they dig deep to solve wide-ranging issues. 

1. We develop, present and implement an individualized coaching plan tailored for each founder based upon several factors:

· The size of the startup and where it is in the funding cycle.
· The skills, talents, experiences and needs of the founders.
· The targets of the company in terms of potential customers, markets and growth.

2. Our inquiry-based approach to coaching assists founders and teams as follows:

· Nurturing current customers while expanding market opportunities.
· Optimizing operations and customer acquisition processes.
· Identifying and pushing business-growth drivers.
· Integrating experimentation and validation into their culture.
· Providing guidance for key talent acquisition, onboarding and roster development.
· If necessary, providing support in times of crisis, including the loss of key staff, technical problems, and working with government agencies to minimize disruption.

3. Early-stage founders do not operate in a vacuum. For that reason, we do the following:

· Learn about them inside and outside of their role as a founder by understanding their values and critical relationships.
· Assist them in maintaining balanced relationships with their work and their commitments to family and community.

 Our commitment to skillful coaching, combined with our deep knowledge of the MENA region and startup ecosystem, gives founders a robust yet adaptable support system as they work diligently to achieve breakthrough performance.