Building Thriving Ecosystems


WE PARTNER WITH STAKEHOLDERS IN DEFINED LOCALITIES to accelerate entrepreneurship. Leaders around the world face a raft of challenges in creating meaningful economic growth, and mounting studies show that stimulating entrepreneurship is the way to do it.

But many leaders charged with driving growth are unsure about what it takes to spur entrepreneurial activity. Many of them also believe it’s prohibitively expensive or time-consuming to see meaningful results. In working with clients in various settings around the world, we’ve learned that when effective steps are taken, impressive results can be surprisingly rapid.

We’ve learned that successful entrepreneurship ecosystems share one key feature: the involvement of leaders from the whole community – including government entities, foundations, enterprises, universities and public-private partnerships. When players from across the spectrum coalesce around a clear, common vision, remarkable outcomes tend to result.

With that in mind, we work with localities in aligning policies, programs and structures to nurture a meaningful entrepreneurship environment. We enable stakeholders to create an environment where  ventures can flourish, attracting the capital and resources needed to build valuable companies.

We know from experience that it’s possible to empower stakeholders to drive the ecosystem growth leading to measurably more entrepreneurship. At South Point, we collaborate with leaders in communities around the world to help them realize their specific goals.