Accelerating Standout Ventures 


At South Point, we empower ventures solving critical problems through the careful application of advanced technology. We focus on growth-stage companies serving rapidly growing, interconnected markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

With bases in the USA and the Middle East, we provide a suite of resources and a broad network of advisers to help clients achieve buoyant growth. Our team is nimble, moving decisively when we spot a potentially viable opportunity. We carefully select opportunities where our unique advantages can be leveraged for greatest impact. In this time of uncertainty given the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve stepped up our efforts to help founders and teams enhance their resilience and fitness.  

We strive to be both globally-minded and also sensitive to local communities that we serve. Our practice reflects common values of mutual respect, open discourse and a free exchange of ideas from diverse perspectives that span cultures and domains.