Early stage entrepreneurs face a mountain of challenges. Their central aim is to stay focused on building their products yet their organizations must evolve to achieve capital-efficient growth at scale.

Founders are tasked with balancing competing goals from continuous product innovation and talent acquisition to mastering the fundamentals of operations and business development.

Even the most determined founders can manage only several of these tasks well, but not all of them at once. The process is relentless, particularly in MENA where entrepreneurs face additional hurdles in capitalizing their businesses. As a result, young companies tend to falter. 

Our goal is to enable MENA’s founders to take practical steps in building capacity. We help them tap their strengths to exploit longer-term opportunities while managing the day-to-day environment in the run up to funding.

We illuminate the path by providing actionable insights to help founders understand and deal with the issues faced by other early/growth entrepreneurs and their teams.

Our overarching goal is to help founders understand venture capital markets and to make smart choices about pursuing funding. By leveraging our platform of tools and global network, MENA’s standout entrepreneurs gain the support and confidence needed to accelerate rapidly.