South Point works with clients and partners to conduct research, share this knowledge and imagine new ways to address the challenges of growth-stage companies.

We explore the impact of emerging technology, innovation and related issues on markets across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The aim of our research is to inform our clients, partners and greater stakeholder community.

We provide pragmatic, data-driven analysis and recommendations for our clients. Our current research agenda is centered on themes around the adoption and impact of mobile services across the MENA region.

Our goal is to enable founders to make smarter decisions based on recognizing and seizing opportunities on their path to creating value for their customers and stakeholders.

Aligning well-vetted data, robust methods, and opinions of industry leaders leads to results that enable our team to guide clients and inform partners. On the surface, this may resemble similar research efforts elsewhere, but we’re convinced that our work provides a fresh perspective to guide decision-making for early-stage ventures.

For market-building clients, we provide market analysis for entering and developing new geographies:

  • competitive landscape analysis;
  • market entry regulations and requirements;?
  • benchmarking analysis;?
  • vetting of potential partners and vendors;?
  • targeted ad hoc research by client request.

We are committed to research that is objective and without speculation. Every research project is managed by diverse and multidisciplinary teams. Regardless of the research sponsor, we strive to do work that is transparent and free of ideological bias.

Our aim is to continually improve our research methodology and the quality of our work. Our vision is to tackle pressing industry issues with an overarching goal of helping our clients build enduring and valuable companies.