Prior to engaging your company, our team is interested in reviewing the following 5 items:

1. Executive Summary: About two pages long. Investors will request additional information, if they decide to go forward.
2. Business Plan: Described below.
3. Resumes: One page for each key member of the management team.
4. Financial Projections: Concise and realistic, with assumptions that support the model. Metrics vary by industry, i.e. costs, revenues, conversion rates and other relevant projections
5. Capitalization Table (“Cap Table”): Describes the current ownership of the company, including number of shares and percentages. Include the employee option pool in this calculation.


What should the Executive Summary cover?
An Executive Summary is typically one to two pages and answers these questions:
1. What is your business?
2. Who comprises your management team?
3. What is your business model (i.e. chief revenue source)?
4. What need(s) are you fulfilling, or what problem(s) are you solving?
5. Who are your competitors?
6. Who are your customers?
7. What is the status of your development?
—Idea stage
—Development stage
—Product or service available to customers
—Have raised some revenue
—Have raised sizable revenue and are looking to scale-up
8. What is your ‘Ask’? How much capital is being sought?
9. What is your target valuation?
10. Who are your current investors?
11. How will you use funds?

What topics should the Business Plan address?
The plan should cover the following:
1. Business Overview, a) Concise description of company’s business, and b) Mission statement
2. Market, a) Historic/projected size, and b) Market trends
3. Product Offering, a) Product description b) Current development status and projections c) Differentiation d) Revenue generation
4. Distribution, a) Key customers b) Sales channels c) Partnerships
5. Competition, a) Key competitors b) Barriers to entry
6. Management Team, a) Team background b) Board composition
7. Financials, a) Current balance sheet b) Projected cash flow (two years, by quarters) c) Projected head count by functional area (G&A, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Distribution, etc.)
8. The Deal, a) Amount to be raised b) Valuation asked c) Use of proceeds