Partnering with category-defining companies in critical phases of market adoption.

We’re a new kind of business accelerator that supports vanguard tech companies serving markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We work with companies that are poised to be leaders of sectors in significant yet under-served markets.

With bases in the USA and the Middle East, our team provides a suite of tools and a global network of advisers to help portfolio clients to gain growth at scale and drive investment readiness. We are fortunate to draw upon a worldwide network of industry-leading strategic partners to support our entrepreneurs.

We are nimble, moving quickly when we spot an opportunity. As a small, tightly-knitted team by design, we cannot do everything and be everywhere. Instead, we focus on opportunities where our unique advantages can be leveraged for greatest impact.

We strive to be both globally-minded and sensitive to local communities that we serve. As we have grown our global footprint, it has become increasingly more important to get the balance right between global and local processes. Our practice reflects common values of mutual respect, open discourse and a free exchange of ideas from perspectives that span cultures and generations.

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