The technology sector in the Middle East and North Africa is relatively small but it’s influential and growing rapidly. Representing just under 4% of the region’s economy, it has an outsized impact in driving high-skill jobs, investment flow, knowledge transfer and productivity, particularly in urban areas. The industry accelerates social development by providing wider access to government, health care, education and a growing range of tech-enabled services.

Today, the tech sector is entering a dynamic new phase marked by the rapid proliferation of cloud-based services, artificial intelligence, localized enterprise software, big data and analytics. 

At South Point, we bring depth of experience working with a variety of companies across the tech spectrum. We focus on businesses from traditional areas like media and software development and related services, to emergent sectors like shared services platforms and ai. Our clients make the kinds of products highlighted in the business pages of the newspaper, not just the technology section. 

Despite its diminutive size, the MENA’s surging tech sector is an engine for social, human and economic development. While they often remain under the radar, tech entrepreneurs in the region are vanguards in transforming their communities. That’s why, at this pivotal moment, we’re partnering with a new cohort of founders who are leveraging cutting-edge technology to build a better future for the region.