Currently, a lot of information on entrepreneurs building enduring companies is hidden in scattered sources across sources on the Internet. Our goal is to solve this problem by developing a common format that brings together all this scattered information, creating an environment for sharing knowledge that guides founders on their quest to build enduring companies.

Our aim is to build a system that brings information from existing silos—like sites, books, catalogs, reading lists and more—and into a repository that people can use to readily find solutions to real world challenges they face. This new system would apply to a wide range of practical and scholarly information that crosses disciplines and geographical boundaries.

Our aim is to directly benefit founders, scholars and researchers and other practitioners around the world, and to support all those who make use of the information.

I’m excited about the chance to partner with business leaders on a project that can make it easier for participants to openly share more about what they know—not just through their content, but also about how this content is being used and how it can be used in the future.

Mission: to advance entrepreneurial accomplishment through the creation, application, organization and dissemination of knowledge.

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Implement a master content development plan in support of research and learning for founders and scholars today and the future.
  • Enable effective access to knowledge and data through intuitive discovery, networks of expertise and global collaborations.
  • Deliver innovative and programmatic support for learning and research in partnership with organizations across our growing ecosystem.
  • Steward critical research information in partnership with academic leaders across the university and beyond.
  • Support a robust professional development network in a learning organization to achieve the strategic initiatives and the mission of our organization.

Information sources:

  • Founder books, essays/blogs, interviews and reading lists
  • Venture capital industry resources
  • Academia including MOOCs
  • Resources from leading accelerators and incubators