CMU Atrium

While the region’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector is relatively small, it contributes to economic and social development by producing high skill jobs, accelerating investments, facilitating knowledge transfer, and enhancing productivity.

MENA’s ICT sector entails traditional areas including digital media and software development (consumer and enterprise) as well as cutting edge products such as wearable computing and shared service platforms.

Demand for digital media, notably news and entertainment products, is substantial, widespread and growing. The region’s demand for enterprise technology generally lies in three areas: connecting businesses with customers, supporting decision-making and boosting productivity.

A new generation of entrepreneurs is melding IT with business and the sciences to build cutting-edge products to meet the growing market demand. ICT is already a critical driver in the region’s high-growth consumer markets and, at this defining moment, we’re witnessing MENA’s young tech industry rising to new heights.


Image: Atrium of Carnegie Mellon University in Doha, Qatar courtesy of Arwcheek under a Creative Commons license.