Partnering with category-defining companies during critical phases of market adoption.

SOUTH POINT IS A UNIQUE ACCELERATOR that supports vanguard technology companies serving markets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). We enable businesses that are poised to dominate sectors in significant yet under-served markets.

With bases in the USA and the Middle East, our team provides a suite of tools and a global network of advisers to help clients build capacity, reach more customers, and develop new investment readiness. We partner with entrepreneurs who apply innovative technology to build great products while using a business model that’s both ambitious and practical.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are nimble, moving quickly when we spot an opportunity. As a small, tightly-knitted team by design, we cannot do everything and be everywhere. Instead, we dedicate our efforts to opportunities where our comparative advantages can be leveraged to achieve the greatest impact.


WE SET OUT TO REDEFINE the way an accelerator serves its clients. Building on deeply grounded disciplinary strengths, we work across domains. Our practice reflects perspectives that are cross-generational and multicultural. We are fortunate to draw upon a worldwide network of industry-leading strategic partners, colleagues and friends who augment our efforts.

We strive to be both globally-minded and sensitive to local communities that we serve. We engage stakeholders through collaboration and an ethos of continuous learning.

We know that no two ventures are alike. Thus, we help founders decide what’s needed for them to succeed, and then guide them accordingly. Our advise and services are tailored to the unique needs of each founder and team.

Working in this space brings enormous responsibilities. Our mandate is to continuously seek out new, innovative ways to help founders build durable companies. Beyond our focused commitment to clients, we lend our voice to important policy discussions on building entrepreneurial capacity.